Attorney and Counsellor Applications


Attorney and Counsellor candidates, who would like to join our team, have to meet the criteria specified below;

▪  Graduation from a Law School or a Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences with a Bachelor Degree
▪  A minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00 (70/100),
▪  Having a command of written and spoken English,
▪  Responsible,
▪  Open to improvement,
▪  Solution and result oriented,
▪  Strong communication skills,
▪  Preferably, involved in a social responsibility project,
▪  Preferably, has an article published in the field he/she wants to focus,
▪  Preferably, completed his/her master’s degree education,
▪  Responsive, genial and eager for teamwork.

If you fulfill these criteria,
1. Please upload your descriptive CV with a photo in the PDF format, along with references and contact info.
2. In case you have a published article, please share its link, or upload its source data in the pdf format, provided you share the same within the CV.
3. Please upload a letter of intent in Turkish and English, limited to 100 words, in which, you would state your intention to work at our firm, in the PDF format.